Good Title Document is Key

When you buy a car, and drive it out of the car lot, the car becomes yours. When you buy an expensive suit or a piece of jewelry, and you take it out of the store, it becomes yours, too. But when you buy a piece of landed property, whether built or un-built, you cannot take it away from its location; the only thing you take away with you as proof of your ownership of that property is the title document. Therefore, while physical attributes and aesthetics, as well as the economic potentials of the property are very important factors to consider in purchasing property in the real estate sector, of utmost importance is title verification. What title is the seller transferring to you after purchase?

Investigate Before You Invest

Any mistake of buying a property, with prospects of personal use, or great returns on investment, only to discover later that the property has a defective title, will end up in the whole investment going down the drain, or perhaps recovered after years of litigation. No one wants to experience that. This is why a prudent investor in real estate will contact experts like Shelter Professionals Ltd to conduct due diligence investigations and title verification before putting a dime on that property. Unfortunately, some “wise” and “smart” property investors are more than ready to pay a certain percentage of the property cost to an agent whose only job is to “show” them the property; meanwhile, when it comes to the professional whose job is to investigate, verify, document and deliver proper title to that property to them, they want to negotiate the fees to the barest minimum, and pay peanuts to such professional. How unwise!

With our understanding of the importance of legal verification of property documents so as to determine the authenticity or otherwise of those documents, we deploy the industry’s best hands in the verification of title documents of the property which has been presented to you for purchase. And, our services in this regards cover both registered and unregistered titles, as our crack team of professionals knows just how to find out the genuineness of every type of title documents.

Perfect Your Own Title

Next to your safe purchase of the property, is the perfection of your own title over that property, and this can be an overwhelming experience for a lot of property owners due to the bureaucratic bottlenecks and challenges encountered during the process. And lots of findings have revealed that quite a number of property owners prefer not to bother about perfection of title to their properties due to these challenges. As they say, however, one cannot throw away the baby and the bathwater. This is where Shelter Professionals Ltd comes in.

With our rich network of contacts at the relevant title documentation offices across Nigeria, we ensure that perfection of title to your property is carried through in record time. Our experience in all aspects of property law and conveyancing guarantees your rest of mind in the fact that your title documentation needs are professionally handled.


Our Coverage Areas

  • Pre-purchase investigations and due diligence searches
  • Post-purchase title documentation
  • Preparation and registration of survey plans
  • Registration of titles (e.g. C of O, Governors Consent etc.) at the relevant Land Registry Offices,
  • Processing and obtaining approvals for building plans and the relevant building permits

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