Rent Renewal FAQ

1. What is ShelterPro Rent Renewal Solution?

Shelter Professionals Ltd (ShelterPro) rent renewal solution is a proven solution that will guarantee hassle-free rent renewal by tenants. With the benefit of hindsight garnered from years of property and tenant management, we have come to the conclusion that most tenants tend to wait until few months or even weeks to their rent expiration date before making plans to renew such rents. And most of them consequently end up incurring the anger of their landlords, leading the issuance of eviction notices. This is what informed ShelterPro to develop and put cutting edge solution to rent renewal arrangement in place. ShelterPro is the plug that connects tenants to that arrangement.

2. How does ShelterPro Rent Renewal Solution work?

Shelter Professionals Rent Renewal Solution is a unique model of rent renewal, whereby the subscriber (tenant) subscribes with us via a daily, weekly or monthly payment towards their next rent renewal, and we guarantee the tenant’s rent renewal even if the tenant has not completed subscription, but achieved 70% subscription of the rent. Read up other information under Rent Renewal Terms and Conditions

3. What is the minimum rent to be subscribed?

The minimum rent to be subscribed with ShelterPro is ₦100,000.00

4. How can I make payments for my Rent Renewal Subscriptions?

You can make your Rent Renewal Subscriptions by using your debit card, or by direct bank transfer.

5. What happens to my Rent Renewal Savings Subscriptions if I discontinue/terminate my subscription?

  • If you discontinue/terminate your subscription BEFORE the first 6 months of commencement, ShelterPro will deduct 10% from your total subscriptions as default charges. You will also forfeit other benefits that are linked to your subscription.
  • If you discontinue/terminate your subscription AFTER 6 months of commencement but before maturity, ShelterPro will deduct 5% from your total subscription as default charges. You will also forfeit other benefits that are linked to your subscription.
  • In either case, you are to notify ShelterPro with a minimum of one (1) month written notice in advance, of intention to discontinue/terminate subscription.

6. How much interest will I get from my subscription?

ShelterPro does not pay interest on Rent Renewal subscriptions. Our primary aim is to help you develop a savings culture, while also guaranteeing that your rent is renewed when due.

7. When can I withdraw my subscription payments?

Your Rent Renewal subscription is accumulated to pay your rent when due, and the rent is paid directly to your landlord’s account on your behalf, therefore, it cannot be withdrawn.

8. What’s the minimum duration of my Rent Renewal Subscription term?

The minimum duration for each of your subscription is 12 months

9. Can I have multiple subscriptions?

You cannot have multiple Rent Renewal subscriptions on the same account with us, but you can have more than one account for as many rent renewals that you want to subscribe for.

10. Is ShelterPro Rent Renewal Solution an Investment Scheme?

ShelterPro Rent Renewal Solution is not an investment scheme; rather, is an system for incremental subscription towards your rent renewal, while ShelterPro guarantees the renewal of your rent if you are unable to complete the subscription before your rent falls due for renewal, so long as your subscription has hit 70% of your rent.

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