Property Management FAQs

1. Why Use Shelter Professionals Limited?

Property management requires time and professional competence, from collecting rent, staying up to date with current legislation, recording/reporting inspections, managing maintenance, as well as finding, screening and communicating with tenants. Many landlords do not have the time, resources and professional expertise to complete these tasks in an effective and efficient manner.

With our dedicated team, streamlined procedures and up to date Property Management software, you can be assured that every situation will be dealt with in a quick and professional manner.

2. Who Will Maintain The Property?

At ShelterPro, we have a pool of dedicated professionals and artisans who we deploy to maintain your property. The Team will identify, investigate, source for materials cost and follow up on any maintenance issues that are observed during our routine inspection, or brought forward by the tenants.

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We maintain a pool of reliable electricians, plumbers, handymen and gardeners who quote and complete work for us on a daily basis. We can also help you to get quotes for any renovations that you might like done.

3. How Frequently Does ShelterPro Communicate With Landlord And What Form Will It Take?

ShelterPro landlords hear from us as much or as little as they want. At a minimum ShelterPro will contact you:

  • After each Open House, during a vacancy period
  • When an application to lease the property has been processed
  • Each time a routine inspection is done (every six months)
  • If the tenant falls into rental arrears
  • When it is time to review the rent
  • When a tenant gives notice that they will be vacating

Communications will occur essentially via email or phone calls. If you have a preferred method or frequency of contact, do let us know and we will endeavor to communicate with you as advised.

4. How Will ShelterPro Select Tenants For My Property?

Each prospective tenant is required to complete a comprehensive Tenancy Application Form. We have strict criteria which ShelterPro will assess each applicant against. The two main criteria are the tenant’s ability to pay and renew the rent and their ability to maintain your property in its current condition.

We consider the applicant’s current income, previous rental history, employment history and references provided. ShelterPro has its own way of checking the tenancy history of applicants. Once checked, ShelterPro will use the result in selecting a suitable tenant. Matching tenants and landlords is something ShelterPro has a lot of experience in. We will ensure that only the most suitable tenant is selected for your property.

5. How Are Maintenance Issues Handled?

If a maintenance issue arises at your property during the tenancy, the tenants are required to advise ShelterPro of the problem in writing. Upon receipt of a maintenance request, ShelterPro will contact you to discuss the matter further, provide you with options and arrange for the repairs as per your instructions.

In the event of an emergency, we will still try to contact you in the first instance; however, we will use a commonsense approach to handle the matter on your behalf if you are not contactable immediately. Once the work to rectify the maintenance issues has been completed, the invoice will be sent to our office by the relevant contractor and this will be deducted from your rental account. A copy of the invoice will also be included with your next statement.

6. What Happens When A Tenant Stops Paying Rent?

When a ShelterPro tenant falls behind in their rental payments, they are issued with a notice of breach, advising them that they are behind and requesting that they rectify the problem. If this is not done within the stipulated time period, then a termination notice is issued requiring that they vacate the premises and pay up all arrears of rent.

7. How Often And For What Reasons Is My Property Inspected?

During our routine inspections, ShelterPro will assess how well the tenant is using your rental property, and determine if there are any maintenance issues or repairs that require attention. We conduct inspections at the following intervals:

  • Prior to the tenant moving in
  • 12 weeks after moving in
  • 3 to 6 months thereafter, depending on your requirements and the requirements of the rental property
  • Prior to a tenant moving out

8. How Does ShelterPro Get Paid For Its Services?

ShelterPro earns 10% of every rent paid by a tenant as its management fee. In addition, ShelterPro charges and collects the agency and agreement fees which is agreed with and paid by the tenant.

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