Partner’s T’s & C’s


Kindly read and understand the following Terms and Conditions which apply to and regulate your application to become a ShelterPro’s Partner.

Submission of registration forms on this website means that you have digitally signed such forms and consequently, they become legally binding in accordance with the relevant sections of the Evidence Act of Nigeria. Where necessary, you may be required to provide personal and vital information whenever you subscribe to become our Partner. Such information may include your date of birth, place of work and designation, details of your current address etc. This information, where necessary, will be obtained for verification purposes only.

Rent Renewal Solution (RRS) Commission earnings

The total commission payable to a partner from all rent renewal tenants under his/her portfolio shall be paid in four (4) quarterly installments throughout the year.

Property Management Solution (PMS) Commission earnings

This commission is paid immediately a tenant in the Partner’s portfolio renews their rent.

Weekly Reports

All Partners are to submit soft copy of their weekly activity reports. This is to enable the management of ShelterPro follow-up with all prospective clients.   


All Partners shall meet once a week either physically or virtually. Date and time of such meeting shall be communicated from time to time.

Partner Registration Fee

Partners will be required to pay a one-time ₦25,000 non-refundable application fee which will be deducted at piecemeal within six (6) months from the Partner’s earnings/commissions with ShelterPro.

Partners Earnings (AFFILIATE)

  • ShelterPro charges one percent of each Tenant’s annual rent as Admin and Registration fee
  • Of this one (1%) percent, the Partner (affiliate) earns 50% payable in Two (2) instalments as Rent Renewal Solution commission . First upon the tenant’s signup, ant the second upon the completion of subscription.
  • Of the professional fee paid to ShelterPro by property owners for ShelterPro Property Management Solution (PMS) which we assume to be 10% percent, the partner (affiliate) earns 40% payable in full upon full payment of rent by the tenant. Partner (upline) will also earn 5% from his or her direct downline efforts (one downline only).

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